TQHA Hall of Fame

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame shall be to honor those TQHA members who have faithfully served and contributed to the success of the association throughout the years.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

1. A five member Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be elected by the TQHA membership at the 2011 Convention.  The five member committee will be comprised of three members with a minimum of 15 years and two members with a minimum of 10 years as members of TQHA.

2. The committee will be a perpetual committee which is contingent upon continued active participation with TQHA.  The committee is responsible for determining that each member is actively participating.

3. If for any reason such as resignation, death or inactivity a vacancy occurs, a new committee member shall be approved by three of the current Hall of Fame Selection Committee members.  The current Executive Committee of TQHA may make recommendations to the Selection Committee to fill any vacancy.

Nomination Process

1. Beginning in 2012, a call for nominations will go out to the members of TQHA.  This will appear on the TQHA website, newsletter and in the form of an email notification to current members.

2. The information will contain eligibility requirements, the nomination form, process and the schedule.  Nominations must be submitted by September 1 of each calendar year.

3. Members are encouraged to nominate TQHA members who have made a positive impact as a promoter, breeder, competitor, trainer or in any other way have made a significant contribution to benefit TQHA.  A nominator may nominate only one individual per year.

4. A nominee must have been a member of TQHA for a minimum of fifteen years and be fifty years old or older.  If deceased, TQHA membership must have been a minimum of ten years.

5. People nominated will be under a three year rule, that is, they will remain on the list for three years.  If not inducted into the Hall of Fame during those three years, they shall be removed from the nomination list and be ineligible for nomination for another three years.

6. A current member of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee or their immediate family members may not be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.  If a conflict arises, the nomination information may be held until such time that a conflict does not exist.
7. A maximum of two inductees may be placed into the TQHA Hall of Fame per year.  There is no minimum.

8. The Hall of Fame Inductees will be recognized at the annual TQHA convention and on the TQHA website.

Selection Process

1. The nomination forms will be sent to the Committee Chair.

2. The Chair of the Selection Committee will be responsible to see that each member of the committee receives a packet of information containing information related to each nomination.

3. The Committee will meet by October 15 of each calendar year to review and determine any Hall of Fame inductee. 

4. Inductees must be approved by a minimum of three committee members.  After two declined nominations by current committee members, nominations must wait three years to be nominated again.

Nomination Form