In 1962 George Tackett, Ski Lubinski and several other quarter horse lovers started the Tri-State Quarter Horse Association which included members from Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.  On May 28, 1963 they filed for a corporation in the state of Tennessee.

Prior to 1962 the only AQHA shows held in Tennessee were in Franklin and at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis. The first AQHA show held east of Memphis was with the rodeo in Franklin. 

The Tri-State Association put on six shows in Memphis and the Mississippi area in 1962.  The next two years, 1963 and 1964, their shows included those held in Jackson, Milan, Alamo, Humboldt, Trenton, Parsons, Savannah, Selmer, and the Memphis area. With membership growing by leaps and bounds, the charter members knew Tennessee was ready for their own association. George Tackett was elected as the president of that split-off association.

In 1966 TQHA added to the Franklin venue shows held in Dickson, Fairview, Columbia, Mt. Juliet and Nashville. The membership continually grew with new members from the Cookeville and Knoxville area. The following year TQHA had shows across the entire state. According to Tennessee state records in March of 1969 the Tri-State Quarter Horse Association was officially changed to the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association, Inc.  It was again changed in 1989 to non-profit status.

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