Constitution and By-Laws of the Tennessee Amateur Quarter Horse Association

The name of this organization shall be Tennessee Amateur Quarter Horse Association.

This association shall have as its principal objectives:
Section 1. To improve and promote the American Quarter Horse breed.
Section 2. To promote participation and fellowship among amateur exhibitors.

Membership in the amateur association shall consist of men and women who are interested in furthering the Amateur movement.

1. This association shall be a subsidiary of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association.
2. The President of TAQHA, or another officer designated by the President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association.

Officers elected shall be as follows: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Secretary.
1. The officers shall be elected by the members of the TAQHA at the annual membership meeting each year.
2. Any person running for TAQHA elected office must have been a member of TQHA and TAQHA for 90 days prior to the election of officers.
3. The duties of the President shall be as follows: preside over all meetings of this association. The President shall appoint any committees which shall be deemed necessary for the efficient operation of this association.
4. The duties of the secretary shall be to keep minutes of all meetings, keep an up-to-date list of association members and handle correspondence with association members.
5. In the absence of the President, the First Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. The First Vice President will become the first nominee for President, but nomination will be allowed from the floor.
6. The Second Vice President will preside at all meetings when the President and First Vice President are absent.

Meetings shall be called as deemed necessary by the officers of this organization. The annual awards meeting shall be for the election of officers.

The constitution and by-laws, when approved by the advisers of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association, shall stand until the annual awards organizational meeting and may be amended hereafter by a vote of fifty-one (51) percent of the members present at any succeeding annual awards meeting.

To be eligible for the year-end awards, the amateur must be a member in good standing of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association and The Tennessee Amateur Quarter Horse Association.